Hungry People Are a Reality

What more can be said other than these people are often hungry, and that it is because they cannot afford the 2 cents to buy bananas, or the dollar a day for rice. Anything you can offer to better these people's lives is a way of helping. 2Co911's mission is to find ways to raise the quality of life for these people. Sometimes it is through buying food. Other times it is in providing battery powered inverters to keep a refrigerator running so food can be preserved, and other times it is in teaching canning methods or providing canning tools.

Although adults are resourceful, children are often abandoned and forced into already crowded homes. Many times, these children are forced to try to provide for themselves the best they can. It is not unusual for a congregation to provide a meal for around 75 of these children on a Sunday morning.

The goal with the 2Co911 program is not to provide a rotation of food but to provide a way to preserve food, a method of storing food, and to lower costs in other places (like with less expensive and easier access to pure drinking/cooking water) so that people can afford to eat better. The longer a child of God lives, the greater the effect they can have on winning souls to almighty God.