Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Current Project (Dominican Republic):

Where is the Dominican Republic (DR)?

It is about 8oo miles south of Miami, Florida and is on the Hispaniola Island which it shares with Haiti.

I already support Haiti. Do Haitian churches send money to the DR?

Haiti oversees Haitian churches in the DR, these are often Creole speaking and do a great job reaching Haitian migrants or those of Haitian decent; however, they are not known to share resources with the Dominican congregations at this time. Churches of strict Dominican oversight are often mixed heritage and support the Haitian people.

Why the Dominican Republic?

The DR is often overlooked because of the severe poverty that exists in Haiti. 2Co911 views support for the DR as a way to help the entire Hispaniola Island. Building the personal infrastructure in specific DR communities is a less costly and faster endeavor than trying to tackle the vast problems when dealing directly in Haiti; yet, it helps the children of God in both countries. The 2Co911 program is not exalting one country above the other (both need tremendous help). 2Co911 is simply placing its resources where they can be the most effective for all of God's children on that Island.

How long have you worked with the DR?

1988 was our former pastor's first visit to Haiti, and in 1999 we began to work with the Dominican Republic. Our current pastor has worked closely with the DR since 2008, making preaching trips in 2012 and 2018. 2Co911 is a program that was inspired from the 2018 ministry trip.

Haiti uses buckets and charcoal filters to get "clean" water. Why is the DR needing delivery?

The DR has a better start on infrastructure than Haiti. Charcoal filters are not great at removing pathogens such as viruses, microorganisms, or bacteria from water. People can still get sick from charcoal filtered water. Charcoal is helpful if that is the only thing available, but the DR has access to reverse osmosis facilities.

Question About 2Co911:

What church do you support?

God's true church, the congregations over which Christ is the head and whose members are living righteous and holy.

I don't want to make a person rich or be a part of a church welfare system.

Neither does 2Co911 and neither does the extended church family The saints want "fishing poles" not "fish" and most people certainly do not need to be" taught how to fish". Christians want opportunities to advance their basic needs and to have the tools to eat, have clothing, and to share the good news of Jesus, the Christ. The projects 2Co911 chooses must meet our mission and must be something that benefits more than an individual.

Does 100% of my money go to the current project?

Yes! The exception is with online processing fees, or if you clearly specify that 2Co911 can use a part of the money for operating expenses. Otherwise, every penny that comes in goes to support this program's mission and project.

Can I donate physical goods?

You can donate to 2Co911.Donated items may be used in a variety of ways, including being liquidized. Sold Items will be used for administrative purposes or the money will go towards administrative expenses. We cannot ship items out of the country.

How much money do you need?

2Co911 attempts to focus on projects that are around $1,000.

Who are you?

2Co911 is a church program that is administered through the Richwood Chapel with the specific goal of spreading the gospel message and helping to meet the holistic needs of our extended church family.