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Electricity in the Dominican Republic (DR) is a joke. Some houses have it ... sometimes. Other times they do not. The electricity is shut off every day and sometimes for five days at time. The solution? Battery powered inverters. The inverters allow energy to be stored and then used as needed. These batteries allow refrigerators to keep food from going bad and lowers the cost of living for the people.

2Co911 is not after big money, it is after extra money. The skipped Latte for a week, or the Friday night pizza that you miss. Little donations add up in a big way for the people in the DR and 100 hundred dollars will buy a quality battery that will store energy for several years to come, bringing light to remote villages and stable electricity to cities-one house at a time. Money donated through 2Co911 will be applied to making sustainable energy available to the DR people, and to further advance the mission of the program.

An installed inverter system