Clean Water

The Dominican Republic (DR) is plagued by bad water. The people are forced to buy water for drinking, cooking, and sometimes for bathing. Local christian people are working hard to lower the costs of this water. The water must be delivered to the homes and shops and is expensive for them, yet 100 dollars might provide enough pure water for a family of two for one year. A poor person may only make 400 dollars annually, so the cost of water is sometimes very high for them.

2Co911 is working with Christians in the La Ramona and Santo Domingo areas to develop low cost pure water access to the people of these cities, and to provide employment opportunities for the Christian people. With good water, infant deaths are lowered, medical bills are offset, and people have a brighter outlook on life. Money donated through 2Co911 will be applied to creating jobs, water acquisition, and better delivery services to the DR people, and to further advance the mission of the program.

Water delivery is very important to the DR

Although a waterworks system exists within the La Romana area (and throughout the DR) it lacks treatment facilities and is listed as non-potable. Both the US and DR governments strongly warn against trying to drink from city water sources. Water is often shut off for days at a time and requires large holding tanks/ plastic cisterns to offset the times the water is not available. The times the water is available it often smells of raw sewage. This problem requires a vast network of water purification and delivery methods and it is often the church that carry's this burden.